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The idea for EyeWris began as a response to a need. How can I bring my glasses with me, so I have them all the time? Wouldn’t it be great if I could wear them on my wrist? It’s a simple concept, but immensely difficult to solve.

At EyeWris, we are committed to creating stylish eyewear with functionality that has never been seen before, without compromise. It took years of development with countless design iterations and revisions to arrive at the perfect solution. We are confident our product will be the most convenient, fun, and useful reading glasses you have ever owned.

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Founder & Co-Creator

Mark is an award-winning furniture designer, sculptor, inventor, and master craftsman. He is the founder and creator of the company and product Gorilla Glue as well as the founder of Giati Designs.

His design work has been represented in a number of the nation’s most renowned museums, including New York's Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco's Museum of Modern Art, and the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.


Co-Creator & President

At the time his father came up with the concept for EyeWris, Kenzo was working as a structural engineer in Los Angeles, designing buildings including skyscrapers and stadiums. Prior to this, he studied structural engineering and architecture at Cornell University, completing his undergraduate studies in 2010 and his masters degree in 2011.

As it turns out, physics at the scale of a skyscraper also applies to something as small as a pair of glasses. This unusual meeting of structure and eyewear resulted in the invention of the bi-stable bridge, which made EyeWris possible.

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Founder's Message

As a lifelong woodworker, there came a time when I was losing the ability to clearly see what I was doing. Precisely cutting and fitting joinery, for example, can’t be done with blurry vision. At the same time, menu items, fine print on labels, emails, and much more became difficult to read.

Reading glasses were the answer, but were rarely at hand when I needed them. For the longest time, the solution was to have a dozen readers scattered everywhere. Even then, I would leave them at home, or in the car, and sometimes end up accusing my wife (perhaps unjustly) of misplacing them.

It seemed a better solution, certainly, must be “out there.” And sure enough, there were countless products in the marketplace somewhat addressing the “reading glasses problem.” But none worked to my satisfaction nor the satisfaction of aging friends suffering the same daily frustration.

A truly inventive, stylish, different and better approach was needed.

It is our sincere hope that you enjoy using our eyewear and that our products are always within reach when you need them.

Mark Singer
Founder and Co-Owner